For enquiries about membership or any other club matters, please contact any of the following:
Club House:        07494 038 553  when open
Chairman:  Doug Carter 01444 412225
Secretary:  Sue Paterson  
Captain: Monthly Captain (see News page)
Vice Captain: TBD
Junior Vice Captain: TBD
Treasurer: David Macmillan
League Captain: Molly Batcheor
Match Secretary: Julia Larkin
Internal Competition Secretary:
Robert Grainge
SCB Men's Delegate: Vacant
Men's Sub Committee:
SCB Women's Delegate:
Sue Paterson
Ladies Triad:
Marge Breading
Molly Batchelor
Rosemary Carter

Tony Jarvis
Shaaron Whittaker
Green Ranger:
Dave Hook
Colin Parks
Tony Jarvis
Social Club Representative: TBD
Press / Comms Officer: Roy Langley


Doug Carter Bowling