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MENS SINGLES John Truran 21 Doug Jones 15
LADIES SINGLES Rosemary Carter 21 Dian Robertson 8
HANDICAP SINGLES  John Truran 23 Sue Paterson 7
MIXED PAIRS Beryl Batterbee & Ian Goacher 20 Marge Breading & Tony Jarvis  12
DRAWN PAIRS  Rosemary Carter & Anthony Power 23 Julia Larkin & Doug Jones 15
2 WOOD YARDSTICK Doug Jones 15 Gilly Bannister 10
BILSBY WICKER Doug Jones 2 Ann Calverley 1
NEVER WON SINGLES   John Lander 22 Dian Robertson 16
CONSOLATION TROPHY David Macmillan  21 Colin Whittaker  9
100 UP Ann Calverley 106 John Truran 94
MIKE BATTERBEE MEMORIAL TROPHY    A Calverley, G Baker, D Carter      
JUBILEE TROPHY S Whittaker, J Larkin, M Towner
GOLDEN JUBILEE AWARD Captains team      
AUSTRALIAN PAIRS  S Whittaker and J Lander      


St Francis Bowls Club New Shirts

St Francis BC New Shirts

St Francis Bowls Club now has an exciting new image, thanks to the generous sponsorship of "Anchor, Hurst Place, Haywards Heath".
The new look shirts were provided for the playing members of the club. Over the past few years Anchor have been very generous with their sponsorship,
providing many pieces of equipment to help upgrade our club.


COMPETITION   WINNER                                           SHOTS RUNNER UP SHOTS
MENS SINGLES John Truran   21 Ian Goacher   13
LADIES SINGLES Amy Truran 23 Ann Calverley  12
HANDICAP SINGLES John Truran   21   Doug Jones   11
MIXED PAIRS Marge Breading & Tony Jarvis 21 Ann Calverley & Peter Power   19
DRAWN PAIRS Ann Calverley & John Truran  23 Don Giles &  Arthur Thorogood 22
2 WOOD YARDSTICK   Doug Jones  16 John Truran 13
BILSBY WICKER   John Truran 2 SETS Marge Breading 1 SET
NEVER WON SINGLES Peter Power  22 Ann Calverley 17
CONSOLATION TROPHY Irene Lander 4 John Lander 2
Doug Jones, Irene Lander  
                        & Jean Crafter
16 Tony Jarvis, John Lander &
             Grace Thrussell


2018 Winners
2018 Individual Winners

Ready For The New Season 

Tony's Trolley

Colin Whittaker has produced the ideal tool for the old codgers who look after our wonderful green, specially built
for Tony Bannister, "Tony's Trolley" will be useful for carrying all the heavy tools and 'bits and bobs' around the green!
Tony would have been happy to see the trolley in regular use - RIP Tony!

General News Items

Beryl Batterbee has kindly donated a cup in memory of Mike,the cup will be awarded for the new triples competition
details of which will follow early in the new season.

The work on our changing rooms is now complete, both are now larger than previously.
Our thanks go to Dave Hook, Colin Whittaker and Ray Jefferies for many hours of hard work and a job well done.

The pathways around the green are due to be resurfaced in April, our sponsors have contributed 1000
towards the work and the balance will be paid by the social club.

The social club will shortly be holding a quiz night to raise money to purchase defibrillators for us
and the swimming pool, it would be good if we could enter some teams,
we did enter 3 teams last year to support our charity and had a lot of fun, will let you know when we have the arrangements.

A new company will be controlling the car park shortly with a new system, it is assumed that members will continue to have free usage, more information to follow.

All members are requested to encourage friends, relatives, neighbours etc to join the club for the coming season.
We do need new members and personal contact seems to be the most effective way of attracting new players.

Finally, for those still reading, Ted Skelton celebrated his 90th birthday on the 9th of February, Happy Birthday  Ted!

Finals Day 2017

On a fine sunny day, Robert Grainge was beaten on his first final by Colin Morphew by 23 shots to 9,
while Amy Truran retained her Ladies Singles trophy by beating Shaaron Whittaker 21 shots to 9.

In the other finals Marge Breading, who took part in fours matches, beat Dave Hook by two sets to 1 in the Whicker match.
The Never Won Singles was won by David Macmillan who beat Robert Grainge by 21 shots to 7.
The Yardstick was won by Doug Jones with 15 shots against Marge Breading's 13
In the Handicap Marge Breading the went on to beat Owen Travis by 24 to 12.
In the Drawn Pairs Doug Jones and David Macmillan  beat T Cole and Molly Batchelor by 24 to 12 shots.
In the Mixed Pairs Mike and Amy Truran scored 18 shots, winning against Marge Breading and Tony Jarvis who scored 13.
And finally the Consolation Cup was won by A Thorogood, who beat Julia Larkin.
                               A "Hotshot" at Isle of Thorns

The St Francis team of Bernie Harman, Sue Paterson, Rosemary Carter and Tony Bannister(Skip) scored a "Hotshot" at Isle of Thorns in the John Spriggs league match on 27th June 2017.

The team scored all eight shots in the second end of the match. 

The St Francis members won the rink by a total of 36 shots to 4.

The winners were:-

Harry and Carol Wells and Tony Szylka.

The runners-up were:-

Tony and Lynda Pipe and Alex Parsons.

Neither team is specifically associated with a club.

Hurst Park Banner and Pushers Hurst Place Banner Installed

A large banner advertising the Hurst Place retirement complex was installed on the tennis court fencing. The developers are sponsoring the club this year and have provided new pushers and scoreboards, replacing the old ones, which were well past their prime.

2016 Finals Day
The 2016 Finals Day was held on 28th September 2016
The Results were:
 Ladies    Amy Truran v Gilly Bannister 21 - 20  
 Mens  Ian Goacher v Dennis Eatwell 21 - 16  
Gilly Bannister & Paul Guest v
Amy & Mike Truran
27 - 12  
 Other Winners were:  Doug Jones,  Dave Hook, Irene Lander & Tony Power, and
 Julia Larkin & Bernie Harman
 The Club enjoyed an excellent buffet lunch amid a lively atmosphere.


              Pictured Right:  Ian Goacher mens Winner 2016 in his first full season
                                     with St  Francis Bowls Club.
Ian Goacher


Charlie Wren Tournament 2016

The annual St Francis Charlie Wren Memorial Tournament took place on Sunday 10th July when 18 visiting teams took part.
Conditions were far from ideal, a fine drizzle persisting most of the morning, but we were encouraged by a forecast of better
weather later in the day. In fact we finished with a sunny warm spell to dry our clothes. Luckily bowlers are a hardy breed and
most seemed to enjoy the day despite the weather. The excellent catering certainly helped here!

To end the tournament, the winners of the 2 leagues played a 3 end final resulting in a win for

Pat Donohue, Molly Batchelor and John Truran from the St Francis Social and Sports Club.

The runners-up were Pat and Corinne Urben and Lynn Walsome from Uckfield.

The Winners with Chairman Colin Morphew
2016 Winners
Runners Up  Runners Up Cold and Damp

The ABC Cup for 2015 was presented to Dave Hook.
2015 Competition Results
    Ladies Singles: Sue Paterson 21 - Elizabeth Curry 10
Handicap Singles:  Pat Costello 23 - Sue Paterson 15
Yardstick:  Colin Whittaker 16  - Doug Jones 3
Never Won Singles: Sue Paterson 21 - Jean Crafter 5
Drawn Pairs:  Pat Costello & Beryl Batterbee   22
                     Cathy Jefferies & Bob Skipp      16
Mens Singles:  Paul Guest 21 - Colin Whittaker 14
Bilsby Whicker: Dennis Eatwell 3 sets Tont Bannister 0 sets
Mixed Doubles: Paul Guest & Sue Paterson 23
                       Doug & Rosemary Carter    15
Consolation Singles: Robert Grainge 9 - Gabriel Wilson  3
2015 Jubilee Trophy

2015 Jubliee Trophy

John Lander, Gilly Bannister & Julia Larkin won the 2015 Jubilee Trophy as the Captains team.
Charlie Wren Day 2015
Des Receives the Trophy from Chairman Colin Morphew
The tournament was won by a team called Newheath, whose members were:-
Des Foord, Colin Mouland and Pauline Lloyd

Pictured left: Des receives the trophy from St Francis Charman Colin Morphew
Below: Runners Up
Geroge & May Urben and Hilda Bateson
The Wiiners
Above: The Winners
Below:  Relaxing before the final
Runners Up Relaxing
2014 Competition Results

Ladies Singles winner:  Marge Breading
Mens Singles Winner:  Pat Costello
Bilsby Whicker Winner: Pat Costello
Mixed Pairs Winners: Marge Breading and Geoff Carr
Dennis Eatwell won both the "Handicap" and "Never Won" Trophies
Drawn pairs Winners: Irene Lander and Tony Power
Two Wood Yardstick Winner: Dave Hook
100 Up Winner: Paul Guest
Australian Pairs Winners were: Dave Hook and Keith Langford

Each year the captain chooses a charity, this year Captain Molly Batchelor's charity was Macmillan Cancer Support for which a the current total raised is 435, with more expected shortly.
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Club History
Charlie Wren Day 2014
2014 Winners

The 2014 Winners
The 2014 Charle Wren tournament was won by John and Margaret Hawkins and  Marian  Ayling,  a combined team from Buxted Park and Haywards Heath Bowls Clubs. Lunch is Prepared

Lunch is Prepared
Charlei Wren Day

The Players at Work
After Lunch  After Lunch